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Werner Kok got robbed jerseys stolen

by Giga
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Sharks flyer Werner Kok has called on his supporters to keep their eyes peeled for any sign of the collection of his Springbok Sevens jerseys which were allegedly stolen from a storage facility in Cape Town.

Kok, who has made over 180 appearances for the Blitzboks and represented South Africa in the 2014 Commonwealth and 2016 Olympic Games, posted a message on Twittter on Friday bringing attention to what had happened.

“I have been dreading making this tweet but I have to get the word out,” Kok said on Twitter.

“On the 1/12/2021 ALL of my Springbok Sevens jerseys (number 5) were stolen from a storage facility in CPT. 10 years of hard work stolen in 10 min. If you see or hear anything please please let me know.

“Everything is gone all my achievements and special jerseys from Commonwealth to Olympics and every tournament in-between,” Kok added.  “My heart is heavy because no amount of money will ever be able to replace this. A legacy I wanted to show my children, just taken.”

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