WATCH: Rugby Hits That Will Make Your Bones Hurt

Hardest clean and legal tackles compilation shows that rugby will always be a brutal sport

While the bone-crunching, physical side of rugby makes the sport so special, there are times when players overstep the mark and it goes from great tackle to big hit, sometimes going against the laws of the game. 

This new compilation, however, features a whole host of massive tackles that were all perfectly legal.

Even the biggest naysayer out there, and there are many, would have to admit that a good, solid, and legal tackle is an important part of rugby, particularly when it comes to getting into the heads of the opposition.

So while we still enjoy watching a bit hit from time to time, there is something special about absolutely smashing the opposition, when the referee can do nothing about it.

With so much scrutiny around the tackle and player safety over the years (and for good reason), it’s good to see that it actually is possible to still hit someone extremely hard, and get away with it.
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