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WATCH: “It’s an absolute joke. It’s a complete joke” Kieran Treadwell was yellow carded for this tackle

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WATCH: “It’s an absolute joke. It’s a complete joke" Kieran Treadwell was yellow carded for this tackle

Stephen Ferris, a former Irish international, has slammed the decision-making in the United Rugby Championship match between the Bulls and Ulster, in which lock Kieran Treadwell was yellow carded for a high tackle on fullback Kurt-Lee Arendse.

Both Ferris and ex-Springbok captain Bobby Skinstad were enraged by the circumstances of the TMO intervention, which saw play continue for two more phases after the minor tackle was brought back by the referee.

On Premier Sports’ post-match program, Ferris called the call a “absolute joke” and contended that the tackle did not even constitute a penalty.

“It’s an absolute joke. It’s a complete joke… you cannot freeze frame it,” Ferris explained on Premier Sports.

“Kieran Treadwell hits the ball with his shoulder. When he hits the ball with the shoulder, there is a little bit of head movement. You can clearly see, it’s on the ball.

“If anything, his face brushes the jersey. There is no direct impact to the head, none whatsoever.

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“You can freeze frame all you want, but play it in real time. For me, that isn’t even a penalty.

“Yes, a couple of inches higher it is a really dangerous tackle, and that’s what we are trying to get away from.

“But Bobby, if this is going to be yellow cards going forward…. and you know what, what happens two minutes afterward? Maul try, and for me that was the game.”

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Bob Skinstad, an ex-Springbok loose forward, was also dissatisfied with the decision and chastised TMO Marius Jonker for wielding too much power over the proceedings, arguing he ‘had no place getting involved’ in that situation.

“Look, player welfare is paramount, we know that. If you think Stephen was getting excited about why it shouldn’t be a card, I was even worse,” he said.

“For me, that’s a job’s worth role. I know Marius Jonker, he was a good referee, he’s got absolutely no place getting involved there.

“That is ’cause and effect’, that’s rugby, he’s made a tackle. Ulster actually had a penalty way up the field, he’s gone all the way back and actually ruined the last twenty minutes of a spectacle.

“I don’t think that was a very smart nor technically proficient piece of adjudicating.

“I’m sad, the game was coming into its own. It was exciting, Ulster had just scored, the Bulls were an attacking position. We spoke about it being a one score game, which is what it was going to be.

“I’m not happy there. You can hide behind ‘protecting the head’ and say let’s stop for every little tiny brush of an elbow going past some guy’s neck area by mistake.

“Literally you could be playing touch rugby and hit someone with your elbow. I don’t think we should call back for that kind of thing ever again. It’s ridiculous.”

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