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WATCH: 7 Times When Cheslin Kolbe Destroyed Opponents

by Giga

Cheslin Kolbe is by faris one of the most exciting rugby player in the world today! He is definitely one of the most agile contact sports athletes in the world currently.

7. Cheslin Kolbe destroyes Stockdale part 1

Springboks superstar became Ulsters winger Stockdale’s worst nightmare. in 2020 Toulouse played twice against ulster Kolbe has scored double in both match

5. Cheslin Kolbe destroyes Stockdale part 2

6.Cheslin Kolbe vs Bath

In 2018 Stepper Kolbe had an amazing performance against Bath, this moment became instantly viral. it looks like it is very easy for him

5.Cheslin Kolbe vs Joshua Tuisova

28-year-old has scored a beautiful try against his new team Toulon, Kolbe easily steps one of the most powerful man in Rugby Joshua Tuisova

4.Cheslin Kolbe vs Pau

Once again Cheslin shows us a masterclass of stepping

3.Cheslin Kolbe vs Wasps

2.Kolbe vs British and Irish Lions

Cheslin Kolbe is able to keep blowing our minds every week with the stuff he does on the field. I don’t think there’s ever been a talent like him in rugby. His footwork is a thing of beauty that only he’s able to do.

1.Cheslin Kolbe vs England RWC Final

Scoring try in the Rugby World Cup final is every player’s dream. With this remarkable try Kolbe marks his name in history with gold letters

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