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Tom Youngs reveals emotional final team talk to Leicester Tigers teammates

by Giga

After retiring from the Leicester Tigers after a 15-year career, former England hooker Tom Youngs reminded teammates that “life can be cruel.”

Last month, the former England star announced his retirement to care for his wife Tiffany, who is ill.

He had taken an indefinite leave of absence from the club in October and last played in the Premiership for Tigers last season.

Before taking the team out against the Bristol Bears, which they won 56-26, Youngs gave an emotional team speech that left no one in the room dry-eyed.

“I just talked about how I’d love to do one more tackle for them and one more carry for them but I can’t,”

“I talked about Tiff (Youngs’ wife) a little bit. I talked about life, and how when you’re in the moment, in that changing room, you don’t realise how good it is and how lucky you are sometimes.”

“Ultimately, you don’t realise how cruel life can be sometimes, so you have to enjoy those moments. There wasn’t really a dry eye in the changing room. It was lovely, and those things will sit with me for a long time.”

“I’m now a full-on fan and I love watching the boys play. I love seeing the pride back in a Leicester shirt. It fills me with a lot of joy and happiness.”

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