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The three worst Six Nations stars to referee, according to Nigel Owens

by Saba Gulmagarashvili

Nigel Owens is a Welsh former international rugby union referee, who retired in December 2020 after a 17-year career. He currently holds the world record for the most test matches refereed

He has revealed the three most difficult current Six Nations stars he has dealt with during his career.

International retirement call from referee Nigel Owens | PlanetRugby

Peter O’Mahony (Ireland)

Owen’s comment:

“I’m not saying Peter O’Mahony is a dirty player one bit but he certainly has a bit of history. I remember seeing him square up to Sinckler and thinking I’m glad I haven’t ran into him in a dark alley. You can hear his loud voice bellow from a mile away.”

I have loved the month. It's probably the most enjoyable one of my career' - Peter O'Mahony - Independent.ie

Joe Marler (England)

Owen’s comment:

“He was always a funny one on the field in nice way. You’d be trying to tell him something serious and he’d just want to have a laugh and a joke. He’d wink at you on the middle of a serious telling off.”


Dan Biggar (Wales)

Owen’s comment:

“Oh god yes, Biggar can be a tricky customer on the field.”

“He’s so focused and so passionate about what he’s doing no matter the game or occasion, we’ve had a few run ins on the pitch down the years.”

“I mean, it’s always been in a respectful way and we always have a drink and a laugh after the game.”

Wales name Biggar to skipper squad containing 3 uncapped players | Rugby-Addict

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