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Stuart Hogg’s Scotland future in doubt after interview

by Saba Gulmagarashvili

Following a tumultuous week in which he was reprimanded for going to a pub butchered a try against Ireland, Stuart Hogg’s position as Scotland captain is in jeopardy.

He was then overheard saying “I’ll not miss that” as he left a bad-tempered after-match press conference in the Aviva Stadium on Saturday night.

Hogg said he had apologised for the trip to the bar and that it would be

“something that will hurt me for a long, long time”.

“As leader of this side I’m bitterly disappointed with what happened,” 

“I’m annoyed, I’m frustrated but I can’t go back and change anything so the longer you dwell on it…if that’s what you’re after here you’re not going to get it.”

Six Nations: Stuart Hogg and Finn Russell among Scotland players disciplined for visiting a bar | Scotland | The Times

Gregor Townsend, Scotland’s head coach, will not say if Stuart Hogg would stay as captain after the Six Nations.

When asked if Hogg will continue as captain, Townsend said:

“Stuart is our captain just now.

“He led the team yesterday, it’s a long time until our next tournament.”

“We’ll have to reflect on everything but it’s not something we’re thinking about just now, it’s a while until we play our next game.”


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