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Rassie would only coach England ‘if SA fans don’t hate him for it’

by Giga
Rassie would only coach England 'if SA fans don't hate him for it'

SA Rugby’s Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus says he would only consider coaching another country if South Africans wouldn’t hate him for it.

As part of a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Mail, Erasmus was asked if he would consider coaching England once Eddie Jones’s contract is up.

Erasmus wasn’t committal, but did say the answer lies in whether South Africans would accept him coaching another country or not.

“‘I don’t think the English people would ever want me there now. Maybe I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. Would I coach another country? If my own people were cool with it and the other country’s people were cool with it then why not?” he told the Daily Mail.

“But if my own people are going to hate me for it, then I would never do it. I hate the fact that so many people hate me in rugby right now. I’m not a confrontational guy. I like to get on with people.

“South Africa has my heart but coaching England would be amazing because I think they can win. I would love to coach Ellis Genge.

“Any prop that looks the other prop in the eyes before a scrum, you know he’s a dog. You don’t want a prop that’s looking at his toes, scared. I want guys like Genge on my team.”

Erasmus said if South Africans accepted him doing another international job, as Nick Mallett did with Italy, he would consider it.

“If South Africans accepted me doing that, like when Nick Mallett went to coach Italy, then of course I would love it. If I felt like South Africans were not going to hate me on the street then I would consider it.

“A couple of years ago, people would have said, “Go over there now, make a few pounds and be successful”. Things changed last year. Life is a bit different now.”

Erasmus also said that the laws need to be simplified, but that he was “too old” to join World Rugby to help simplify the laws.

“ I’m 50. I’m too old for World Rugby! There are things in rugby that I think need to change,” he explained.

“There’s too much microscopic stuff in the game now. We worked out that a referee needs to make between 800 and 850 decisions in one match. It’s impossible, man. It leaves the referee open to criticism — I would know! — and that’s not fair.

“There are too many grey areas to let the game flow. You are always going to get one team that’s p***** off, whether they say it publicly or not. Did you know there are 58 things you can be punished for at a scrum and 38 in a lineout?

“There are simple solutions but we need to be open-minded. World Rugby need to take control and simplify it. But me with World Rugby? Come on! I’ll leave that job to the younger guys like Joe!”

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