Home International Rugby nine-year-old Welsh rugby player’s gesture to an injured opponent.

nine-year-old Welsh rugby player’s gesture to an injured opponent.

by Giga
nine-year-old Welsh rugby player's gesture to an injured opponent.

A heartwarming moment during a youth match between Abergavenny and Dowlais has been cherished by rugby lovers all over the world.

This is the touching moment a young athlete reached out to an opponent after he was injured in a tackle.

Following the match against Abergavenny, Jacob King of Dowlais under 9’s “went missing” from his teammates to check in with an opponent player who was wounded as a result of a fair tackle he made. Iestyn Jones, 8, of Abergavenny, was left with a twisted knee as a result of the challenge, but after a fine game of rugby, he shook hands with the opposition player.

“Jacob is a sensitive boy and went to check up on the player he injured, he never wants to hurt anyone and ran off on his own accord to make sure he was alright, instead of celebrating the match with his team” said mother Leigh King who claims her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the pictures were shared on social media.

A heartwarming moment during a youth match between Abergavenny and Dowlais has been cherished by rugby lovers all over the world.

“It is lovely to see and really reflects both the clubs, we had such a warm welcome and everyone has been so complimentary we just want to say thank you to the club for all the kind words and wish Iestyn a speedy recovery” she added.

Chris Jones was refereeing the match and is the father of the injured Abergavenny player. He praised the Dowlais youth team and described the game as a positive and well played match.

“Iestyn is fine, he has twisted his knee but with a few days of rest he should be fine I think. I only have positive things to say about the Dowlais team, they are great kids and good coaches who were all supportive throughout the match. We would like to add thanks to the Dowlais player for checking up on Iestyn” he added.

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