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Nigel Owens Names his favourite player and captain

by Giga
Nigel Owens Names his favourite player and captain

World Rugby Released another video of Whistle Watch where Nigel Owens speak up about Six Nations Matches.

Nigel Owens was asked to name his XV but because of time he decides to speak about his favourite player

I’ll tell you my favorite player I refereed him and I love watching him play now and that is Antoine Dupont from France I have loads of other favorite players as well brilliant but at the moment he is absolutely brilliant a joy to watch”

Nigel owens named Antoine dupont as his favourite player

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one Youtube fan asked Nigel Owens who was his favourite captain to be referee?

my favourite captain was Thierry Dusautoir he was proper gentleman on and off the field before during and after the game a real gentleman of the game

Thierry Dusautoir was Nigel Owens favourite player

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