How Beauden Barrett affected England success for Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones about barrett

England coach Eddie Jones was criticized for extra-curricular work in Japan. while England had bad performance in the Six-Nations they finished the tournament on fifth-place

“His coaching role in Japan makes English rugby look RIDICULOUS… he should be 100 per cent focused on the job and can afford absolutely zero distractions.”  Clive Woodard said about Jones trip to Japan

Eddie Jones says his time coaching Beauden Barrett in Japan was one of the most inspiring and rewarding moments in his career

“In England there has been much criticism of me coaching Suntory, and working with Beauden. But for me the best thing is that Beauden, one of the world’s great rugby players, is comfortable enough in himself, as I am in myself, to talk about the game so openly.

Jones said there were lessons to be learned from Barrett’s dedication, work ethic and lack of ego. The 30-year-old recently logged his 100th test for the All Blacks and there is no end in sight for the gifted playmaker.

“When working with Beauden, I have learnt more about his humility and the way he keeps working at his game. He has twice been the World Rugby’s player of the year but, with Suntory, which is supposedly meant to be an easy gig for him, he comes out every morning for training with the vim and enthusiasm of an 18-year-old,” Jones wrote.

“One week, even when there was no game on the weekend, and he had a crooked neck and had to wear a medical bib, Beauden was at it with so much purpose and intent. He loves practising and training and playing, and I savour that undying passion that surges through him.”

Jones felt Barrett’s attitude could be helpful to players in Britain and that was what he would be emphasisng.

“I have spoken about Beauden to my players in England. Over here, considering the length of the season and the environment, some players tend to go through the motions in training. But you need to find a way to retain that boyish love and enthusiasm for the game.”

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“We’re not trying to take anything away from each other. We’re trying to help each other and to just share our love of the game. Winning matters hugely, but I want the game of rugby to grow and to be truly great.”

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