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Ellis Genge’s heroic moment during six Nations

by Saba Gulmagarashvili

Ellis Genge, an England Rugby prop, has been recognised for this moment in his team’s match against Italy, which ended in a bonus-point victory for the visitors in Rome.

The incident occurred late in the second half when Italian forwards Sebastian Negri was knocked out by England lock Nick Isiekwe in a collision.

After the colliding, Negri was knocked out and the game came to a screeching halt.

England was in command from the start, with Marcus Smith orchestrating an early goal for the team.

Marcus Smith scores his second try in as many Six Nation tests for his country in this video.

Ellis Genge had been on fire throughout the game, but it was his intervention with the beleaguered Negri that received the most praise online. We observe how the 26-year-old recognises that his opponent is gravely injured and swiftly summons the medics before anyone else notices.

Fans praised the England prop on social media for his deeds.

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