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Eddie Jones: “Ireland haven’t played against a team like us before”

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Eddie Jones: "Ireland haven’t played against a team like us before"

Eddie Jones feels Ireland will struggle to match the physicality of his England team because they have not played a team as dominant in recent times.

Andy Farrell’s men were defeated 30-24 by a highly impressive France in round two, but a confident Jones feels that Saturday’s clash will be too much for them.

Eddie Jones believes Ireland will struggle to match his England side’s physicality as they have not faced up to a team as powerful in recent times.

“Ireland haven’t played against a team like us before – they haven’t played against South Africa since 2017,” Jones said.

“We played against South Africa last year and did well in those physical stakes, so we intend to really take it to them.

“We play with a physicality they haven’t seen before. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do on Saturday.

“We have one intention in this game and that’s to go after Ireland. We are going to chase them hard down the street.

“Everywhere they go, we’re going to be in their faces and we’re going to take time and space away from them. Do we enjoy that challenge? Yes.

“This team don’t know how good they can be and we are certainly going to find out on Saturday how good we can be.”

Since losing at Murrayfield on the first weekend, England has pulled together good victories over Italy and Wales, but the pressure mounts dramatically over the next two weekends.

Their Six Nations campaign has featured an attack that has sparked only in small bursts as they adjust to a new unstructured strategy, but Jones feels it may detonate at any time.

“We’re not far away. We’re one pass, one accurate kick, one good support line away from being very good. But we’re a work in progress,” Jones said.

“We’re really pleased with the way it’s going, but it’s not converting into tries when the game’s always about scoring tries. But that will come.

“We’d like it to be this weekend but if not it might be next weekend. If it’s not next weekend it might be on the Australia tour. But it’s coming.

“It’s like that wave coming in. You can see it coming in and all of a sudden it crashes and all this power comes out of it. That’s what we’ll be like.”

“I guess it comes with the territory. Every England team that I’m aware of whether it is football, whether it is rugby, whether it is cricket, whether it is GB Athletics, we’re made work for it. It’s a responsibility we have to bear,” Itoje said.

“With all these types of external pressure, my mindset is to walk towards it as opposed to thinking of myself as a victim.

“I want to embrace all challenges, positive or negative things that are being written or said, and will keep walking forward.”

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