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Danny Care Reveals the Main Problem with Eddie Jones

by Giga

England’s former scrum-half Jones, according to Danny Care, needs to change his approach if the team wants to get more out of their assault.

Care told Rugby Union Weekly:

“Every other thing has changed – players, other coaches, backroom staff, physios,”

“Something isn’t quite working and hasn’t for two years. I want England to play a brand of rugby that excites.”

“I don’t think the players are being trusted enough to say their bit and do what they want to do – and we know there is a bit of fear factor in this camp,”

“Eddie is not a bad coach, but something isn’t quite working. He has to give the players a little more trust or give [attack coach] Martin Gleeson the trust to say this is how we are going to play.

“England have got an awful lot of work to do if they are going to be anywhere near the best teams.”

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