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All Blacks head coach issues Test red card warning

by Saba Gulmagarashvili

Ian Foster, the All Blacks’ head coach, has ordered his players to change their tackle style, predicting that the current increase in red cards in Super Rugby Pacific will continue in international matches later this season.

In Super Rugby Pacific, referees have been severe on actions that result in head contact, often issuing red cards for such infractions, even if they are unintentional.

The usage of red cards was once uncommon, with players receiving their marching orders only for extreme foul play.

This year, however, few Super Rugby Pacific rounds have gone by without at least one player being sent off, and in one of the tournament’s rounds, five players were sent off from six matches played.

And Foster expects plenty of red cards to be issued in Tests if players do not adapt.

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Foster said on Sky Television’s The Breakdown programme

“It will have an impact at Test level, no doubt about that,”

Many red cards, according to Foster, occur during collisions when a defender enters a position after the first hit has already been made.

“You don’t see a lot of red cards for the tackler hitting the ball-carrier high,” 

“The problem seems to be the tackle-assist. It’s the second guy coming in.”

“I think it’s one of the things in the games in which defence coaches are trying to get two in the tackle to win that collision.”

“It’s the second guy coming in who’s not making that late adjustment based on the body (height) change in the tackle.”

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