About Us

Started in 2015 as a simple means of archiving favourite rugby videos online, GG Rugby is now recognised by most rugby fans and players around the world.

Housing the most comprehensive archive of top rugby clips and coverage online, GG Rugby is the biggest rugby blog on the planet, and one of the biggest rugby websites.

Browsing through the various categories you’ll see amazing tackles, fantastic tries and everything else that makes this sport so great.

This is the original rugby video site in this format, and over the years we’ve been behind millions of video views, countless discussions and plenty of good times for rugby fans.

A constant work in progress, the site grows and improves each year and through partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands and official organisations, each season brings with it new milestones.


In November of 2021, GG Rugby has achieved 95,000 Subscribers.

Since then, we’ve been tweaking and improving where possible, while still churning out daily updates to the ever expanding site and social media following.

If you’d like to know more about site stats, advertising or partnership opportunities, please get in touch via our contact page.

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